3 Dec

Planning your Trip

When planning your trip, will you reach a decision on what type of accommodation you need? In this post I will give you some tips to consider before you book.

How long will you stay?
If you intend to stay for a long time in a certain place it is appropriate to choose an apartment / studio. The studio has a kitchen and almost everything you need for a longer stay. You may be able to get preferential prices for longer stays.
Economy proposal: long stay: studio or apartment / short stay: single room.

When will you arrive?
If you arrive late after 10:00, then a guest house or hostel may be the best option for you. I have often found that most hotels are not big fans of late departures and may also charge a lot of extra fees if you plan to arrive later.
Economy proposal: Guest house or hostel.

How many people are you traveling with?
If you are traveling in a large group and want to stay in the same room or apartment, depending on the type of trip you have taken, you may want to rent a large room for more than three guests at a house or hostel. Hotels are not ideal for large groups because you may have to pay for several rooms and this can be added.
The proposal of Economics: Hostel or apartment

Do you need cooking utensils?
If you are at a budget, such as when you have spent a long time in a distant destination, then cooking equipment may be important to you. In this scenario, an apartment or a hostel will be a better option than a hotel or resort, as they often provide such amenities.
Economy proposition: Hostel or apartment in guest house

Is this a special occasion?
If you are traveling for a special occasion such as a birthday, a honeymoon or something else, then consider staying in a luxury hotel. Luxury hotels offer many benefits and amenities to make sure you have an amazing and memorable experience and they are often so enjoyable that you do not even want to leave the hotel.
Economy proposal: Luxury hotel or resort

Do you want to be centralized?
If you are visiting a large city such as the capital Sofia and intend to spend a lot of time studying, then the center is the most suitable place to stay. I find guesthouses often in many places and they are still at the most affordable prices. While centrally located hotels tend to be much more expensive than hotels a little farther.
Economy proposition: Small family hotel, hostel or guest house

Will you drive?
This is more true for urban destinations and if you drive it is worth getting a hotel that offers parking or looking online in advance to see what parking nearby. I would recommend avoiding driving in the city as this will increase the parking cost and you may end up in traffic for a long time.
Economy proposal: Hotel with parking

How close is urban transport?
The thing I always think about when we book a room is how close it is to public transport stops such as a subway or a bus stop. When I was traveling in the past, do not think about it and eventually I had to take a taxi every time I wanted to go anywhere, which was pretty expensive.

Do you want a social environment?
For tourists and those who want a more social environment, then you may want to stay at a hostel / house. The house has common areas where people walk and often have evening events such as going out at a bar and more.
Economy proposal: Hotel or guest house

Do you need a fitness facility?
If you care for your health and want to train when traveling, you may need to stay in a hotel that has fitness equipment or check out the area for public gyms that allow one-time visits. Generally, if you need a fitness gear, it is good to stay in an equipped hotel.
Economy proposal: Hotel

Other considerations?
Several other things to consider, which are also important when booking somewhere to stay, include:

Does this place have good reviews?
Does the price match your budget
If you need special help, such as a lift or a wheelchair ramp, do you have any
Check-in and check-out times to work for you

If you still come to Sofia for work or pleasure, remember that the lowest prices are in Guest House “Economy”.

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